May 2022

  • Can Erkey gave a speech on green hydrogen technologies at the SustainAbility event organized by Koç University AIChE Student Chapter.
  • Can Erkey gave a speech on Hydrogen Production Technologies in the Chem Talk series organized by Boğaziçi University Science Club Chemistry Board.

April 2022

  • A research article has been published in the journal Catalysts, with contributions from researchers from South Africa, the United States, and Turkey, on the development of hydrogenation and dehydrogenation catalyst materials, which are important for liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC), by supercritical deposition (SCD) method.
  • A review article examining the supercritical fluid reactive deposition (SFRD) method for the synthesis of catalysts used in fuel cells and electrolyzers has been published in the journal Chemical Engineering and Processing – Process Intensification.

February 2022

  • Iongenics’ TÜBİTAK 1512 BiGG project has been successfully completed.

January 2022

  • Can Erkey gave a speech titled “Hydrogen Energy Production, Technology Development Processes” at the Energy 5.0 seminar held as part of the BEST For Energy project.

December 2021

  • Erdal Uzunlar attended the “Hydrogen and Fuel Cell as a Solution to Global Warming” panel as a panelist at the 6th Battery Technologies Workshop organized by Aspilsan Enerji A.Ş.
  • Can Erkey has been accepted as a full member of the Academy of Sciences.
  • The iongenics team provided a training on carbon dioxide capture, use and storage (CCUS) to an export-oriented company producing process chemicals in Turkey.

November 2021

  • Iongenics moved to its new address in Teknopark İzmir.
  • A book titled “Synthesis of Nanostructured Materials in Near and/or Supercritical Fluids: Methods, Fundamentals and Modeling”, co-authored by Can Erkey, about technologies that can be used in the synthesis of nanostructured catalyst materials in fuel cell and electrolyzer systems was published by Elsevier.

October 2021

  • Erdal Uzunlar mentored at BEST For Hydrogen Ideathon, which was organized as part of the BEST For Energy project.
  • The second project of Iongenics in Teknopark Izmir was accepted.

September 2021

  • Iongenics provided a training on carbon dioxide capture, use and storage (CCUS) to one of the chlor-alkali companies in Turkey.
  • Iongenics started to provide consultancy services to one of the process design and chemical plant manufacturing companies in Turkey.

June 2021

  • Can Erkey presented the study “Nanostructured Aerogels for Hydrogen Economy: PEM Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell Applications” at the International Energy Chemistry and Engineering Congress held in Chengdu, China.

May 2021

  • Dr. Gamze Eriş joined Iongenics as a Senior Research Engineer.
  • Iongenics gave an interview to journalist Didem Eryar Ünlü from Dünya Newspaper.


  • Can Erkey and Erdal Uzunlar from the iongenics team were panelists and moderators, respectively, in the “Hydrogen Technologies” panel at the AIChE Unity event, which was jointly prepared by Koç University, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Middle East Technical University (METU) AIChE Student Chapters.

April 2021

  • The registration of the iongenics brand was obtained.
  • Can Erkey made a presentation on “Hydrogen, the Fuel of the Future” at the Powertech event organized by the Çankaya University IEEE Student Branch Power and Energy Association.


  • Can Erkey made a presentation titled “Hydrogen for Sustainability” at the SustainAbility event organized by Koç University AIChE Club.


March 2021

  • Can Erkey gave a training on “Hydrogen Energy” at the Izmir Energy Summit. The training covered the importance of hydrogen, hydrogen production technologies, the use of hydrogen in energy storage, electricity generation from hydrogen and hydrogen safety.


February 2021

  • The iongenics website was launched.

January 2021

  • The iongenics team made a live broadcast on the Energy Analysis YouTube channel.

November 2020 

  • Iongenics’ TÜBİTAK 1512 BiGG project started.
  • Iongenics started to operate in the Teknopark İzmir Incubation Center.

October 2020

  • Iongenics appeared at KWORKS’20 Demo Day. 

  • The first investor meetings have started.

September 2020

  • Iongenics was established in Teknopark İzmir with the support of TÜBİTAK 1512 BiGG.